How to write a letter to senator about immigration

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Looking for example Letter to Congressman

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Can You Write to a Senator for Help in Immigration Case Delay?

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This is Rajiv S. Khanna for, the Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna, P.C. For example, I am from Virginia so I will select that and click "Go," and it will me who my Senator is.

These are my two senators, Mark Warner and Jim Webb. I can contact either of them. Either one of them can help me. You can contact anybody. How you write your letter depends on what you want and which department you want. Maybe you want to apply for a work visa or request for an extension of a tourist visa.

Perhaps you have basic questions regarding the country you want to visit. The recent letter entitled “Immigration occurring at steep cost to nation” simply begs a response. Beyond reminding the writer that we always have been a nation of immigrants, and that the infusion of new energy and new ideas by immigrants has often been the engine of growth of our economy, it is important to address his innuendo-laden questions.

Nov 28,  · Senator Kennedy, we are asking you for the following help: 1. Look into our cases at USCIS VSC, and have the immigration officers confirm the security check requests have actually been sent to the proper agencies and when. Aug 20,  · Expert Reviewed. How to Write a Reference Letter for Immigration.

Two Parts: Preparing to Write the Letter Writing the Letter Community Q&A People involved in immigration-related proceedings often need to support their applications with reference letters from community members and colleagues%().

My Aunt (father's sister) had applied for their immigration in (almost 20 years ago), but my parents had not accepted that immigration, as they did not have .

How to write a letter to senator about immigration
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